From:Yutang Lin
Sent:Dharma Friends
Date: 2016年1月29日 上午3:13
Subject:Fo Calligraphy by Patriarch

The long scroll containing seals of my Chinese work Ren Zhe Shou 仁者壽(Compassionate Ones Live Long) has been hanging on my bedroom wall for months.

See photo and text of this work at: and


This morning I arbitrarily took out one long scroll from my collection, and start hanging it in the place where I used to hang the above one.

See photo attached.


It happens to be a copy of a calligraphy of the word Fo, Buddha in Chinese, as written by the Tantric Patriarch Kong Hai 空海 in Tang Dynasty.

It was taken from a stone carving by pressing paper over inked stone-carving.

It is a very auspicious sign of blessing because I actually did not choose or know in advance what I took out.


The smaller calligraphy phrases are:

佛光普照            Buddha’s Lights shines universally

佛日增輝            Buddha’s Sun glows ever brighter

佛法無邊            Buddha’s Teachings are boundless

佛心慈善            Buddha’s Mind is full of compassion


I am sharing this blessing with all readers who come upon this work.

We will post this as A0289 at our websites.




Happy Chinese New Year!



May all beings attain enlightenment soon!







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