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寄件者:Yutang Lin
收件人:Dharma Friends
主旨:RE: Request for Teaching on Tantra

My replies below to a disciple's email maybe helpful to many, so I share it with you.

Tong Tou, post it among Qing Yi Ji.

Sent: Friday, April 19, 2013 9:19 AM
To: master
Subject: 上师能给我画一张中脉和七轮的侧面图吗?这样有助于我观想和理解密宗基本的理论


You are thinking that one can practice on one's own, relying only on books and email teachings, without giving up worldly engagement. Actually, without full-time devotion to Dharma practices, even if one learns the correct teachings, the practices will not yield correct results because the fundamental grasping to worldly matters are not given up, so channels and chakras cannot open fully.
So I will wait till you have given up your life for Dharma, then talk about this in person to you.

2、尊贵的上师,我最近在学习瑜伽动作和瑜伽呼吸法,希望藉此来调理一下身体,不 知道可不可以?
See reply above.

This is the Hidu Yoga's view, not Buddhist Tantra view.

弟子再阅读那些喜马拉雅山上瑜伽圣者们的言论,发现他们很多都是大成就者,跟您说 法一样(他们都说最后证悟了会发现世界本来是一体的,因此远离了执著、希冀与忧愁),弟子就迷惑了。



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