Report on Dr. Yutang Lin's Virtual Cemetery Visits


虛擬造訪墳場之提供   林鈺堂



                      養和齋    於加州

Offering of Virtual Cemetery Visits

Yutang Lin

Using website links as provided by disciples I have been making daily virtual visits to cemeteries all over the world for several years. Even though daily I have time to visit only three or five cemeteries over the internet, and yet through maps, satellite photos or photos one can still sense that even though environments are various, impermanence is universal. Furthermore, through visiting different parts of the world one gradually and unnoticeably opens one's views and mind. These links are not so readily available, and so far I have shared them with only disciples and Dharma friends on my email list. This morning while taking my daily walk in the cemetery nearby, suddenly it occurred to me that we can offer these links at our websites so that more people will have the opportunity to visit virtually cemeteries all over the world on a daily basis, and thereby cultivate their awareness of impermanence and openness of mind. Hence I asked disciples Tong Tou and Da Shi to work on this project, and wrote this brief introduction to explain to all the intentions behind this service. May this service enable many Dharma friends to add one more significant daily practice!

Since July of 2003 I have been doing virtual cemetery visits via internet, and up to Oct. 21, 2011 the number of virtual cemetery visits I have done reached 4766.

October 21, 2011
El Cerrito, California


Powa over Internet

三身破瓦 Powa MP3

歷年各月虛擬造訪記錄--->請由此進入 Past monthly records of virtual cemetery visits--->Please enter here.

Links to Cemeteries
(3 cemeteries)
A cemetery, 3757-3759 Royal Oak Ave, Burnaby, BC V5G 3M1, Canada
Chilliwack Cemetery, 47670 Cemetery Rd, Chilliwack, BC V2P 8B2, Canada(photo)
Kapilano View Cemetery, 370 Mathers Ave, West Vancouver, BC V7S 1H3, Canada(photo)
(4 cemeteries)
Washington Memorial Park, S 160th St, SeaTac, WA 98188(Satellite)
Lake View Cemetery, 1554 15th Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112(photo)
Grand Army of the Republic Cemetery, 1901-1999 Everett Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102(Satellite)
Grown Hill Cemetery, Crown Hill Cemetery, 8712 12th Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98117
(5 cemeteries)
St  Andrew Parish Church Cemetery, Ambrook Ln, Kingston, Jamaica(Satellite)
Chinese Cemetery, Waltham Park Rd, Kingston, Jamaica(Satellite) 
Hunts Bay Jewish Graveyard, Twickenham Close, Kingston, Jamaica(Satellite)
May-pen Cemetery,  9 Spanish Town Rd, Kingston 1876, Jamaica(Satellite)
Elletson Road Old Prison Cemetery, Lower Elletson Rd, Kingston, Jamaica(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Cementerio Municipal, Al Panteón 157, La Pileta, Comitán de Domínguez, CHIS, Mexico(Satellite)
Cementerio, 9a. Norte 45, Guadalupe, Motozintla de Mendoza, CHIS, Mexico(Satellite)
Cementerio, Guerrero Oriente 40, El Carmen, Huixtla, CHIS, Mexico(Satellite)
Cementerio, Chiapas 218, Jusnajal, CHIS, Mexico(Satellite)
Cementerio, 4a. Av. Sur, CHIS, Mexico(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Cementerio Parque Jardin La Resurreccion, Autopista a Comalapa, San Salvador, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio General De San Marcos, Calle 15 De Septiembre, San Salvador, El Salvador(Satellite)
Jardines del Recuerdo(紀念花園), Avenida Principal, San Salvador, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio, CA 4N, San Salvador, El Salvador(Satellite)
Cementerio, 5a Calle Poniente 62-A, San Salvador, El Salvador(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Cementerio del Sur, Diagonal 32S 34 # 2 a 100, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia(Satellite)
Cementerio El Apogeo, Calle 56S 77G # 100, Cundinamarca, Colombia(photo)
Cementerio Serafin, Carrera 8 # 4-2 a 4-100, Bogotá, Cundinamarca, Colombia(Satellite)
Cementerio, Carrera 14 4A # 99, Facatativá, Cundinamarca, Colombia(Satellite)
Cementerio de Funza, Calle 13 19 # 2 a 100, Funza, Cundinamarca, Colombia(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Cemetiere de Carrefour, Blvd Jean Jacques Dessaline, Carrefour, Haiti(Satellite)
A cemetery, Boulevard des Industries, Port-au--Prince, Haiti(Satellite)
A cemetery, Rue du Docteur Dehoux, Port-au--Prince, Haiti(Satellite)
A cemetery, Route de Tabarre, Port-au--Prince, Haiti(Satellite)
A cemetery, 3, Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio, Bastidas, Perú(Satellite)
Cementerio Campo Santo, Av Primavera, Perú(photo)
Cementerio Parque de la Esperanza, Peru, Perú(photo)
Cementerio Francisco Bolognesi, Bolognesi, Perú(photo)
(5 cemeteries)
Cementerio El Tejar, Banos, Quito, Ecuador(Satellite) 
Cementerio, De Los Eucaliptosa, Quito, Ecuador(Satellite)
Cementerio El Condado, Piedras Neoras, Quito, Ecuador(photo)
Cementerio Chillogallo, Marcos Escorza, Quito, Ecuador(Satellite)
Cementerio de Calderon, Avenue 17 de Marzo, Calderon, Ecuador(Satellite) 
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio El Redondo, Calle 73, Maracaibo, Venezuela(Satellite) 
Cementerio El Cuadrado, Avenida Las Delicias, Maracaibo, Venezuela(Satellite)
Cementerio Jardines La Chinita, Avenida 50, Maracaibo, Venezuela(Satellite)
Cementerio Corazon de jesus, Avenida La Limpia, Maracaibo, Venezuela(Satellite)
(6 cemeteries)
Cementerio del Cerro, Bulgaria, Montevideo, Uruguay(Satellite)
Cementerio Central, Domingo Petrarca, Montevideo, Uruguay(Satellite)
Cementerio del  Norte, Bvar Aparicio Saravia, Montevideo, Uruguay(Satellite)
Cementerio del Buceo, Tomas Basáñez, Montevideo, Uruguay(photo)--->
Cementerio del Buceo & Cementerio Británico, Tomas Basáñez, Montevideo, Uruguay(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Cementerio de la Recoleta, Azcuénaga 2001-2099, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina(photo)
Cementerio de la Chacarita, Av Guzmán 1099, Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires, Capital Federal, Argentina(Satellite)
Cementerio de San Justo, Perú 1600-1749, San Justo, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
Cementerio, La Plata 200-398, Tablada, Buenos Aires, Argentina(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
Cementerio(公墓), Sta Ana, 3151-3173, Recoleta, Región Metropolitana, Chile(Satellite)
Cementerio Metropolitano, Camino Público, Lo Espejo, Región Metropolitana, Chile(photo)
Cementerio General de Santiago, San José, 1194-1196, 1194-1196, Recoleta, Región Metropolitana, Chile(photo)
(5 cemeteries)
Cemitério, R. Mateus Leme, 6071-6219 - Abranches, Curitiba - PR, 82130-000, Brasil (Satellite)
Cemitério(公墓), R. Maurício Rosemann, 1153-1419, Alm. Tamandaré - PR, 83504-440, Brasil(Satellite)
Cemitério Paroquial de Orleans, R. Prof. João Falarz, 2-360 - Orleans, Curitiba - PR, 81280-270, Brasil(Satellite)
Cemitério Mun. Santa Cândida & Cemitério Israelita Santa Cândida, Estr. de Colombo, 5237-5615 - Santa Cândida, Curitiba - PR, 82720-010, Brasil(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Tumut Cemetery, 241 Capper St, Tumut NSW 2720, Australia 
Kiama Cemetery, National Route 1, Bombo NSW 2533, Australia
Bulli Cemetery, LOT 7309 Carrington St, Bulli NSW 2516, Australia
A cemetery, LOT 7 Kooringal Rd, East Wagga Wagga NSW 2650, Australia(Satellite)
Scarborough Wombarra  Cemetery, 594 Lawrence Hargrave Dr, Wombarra New South Wales 2515, Australia(photo)
(6 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Saru Back Rd, 勞託卡, Fiji(Satellite)
Old Cemetery, Kings Rd, 勞託卡, Fiji(Satellite)
A cemetery, Kings Rd, Rabulu, Fiji(Satellite)
Bulileka Cemetery, Nakoroutari Rd, 拉巴薩, Fiji(Satellite)
Nasinu Cemetery, Davuilevu Road / Waila 3A, Nasinu, Fiji(Satellite) 
Suva Cemetery, Queens Rd, 蘇瓦, Fiji(photo)--->Suva Cemetery, Queens Rd, 蘇瓦, Fiji(Satellite) 
(3 cemeteries)
(4 cemeteries)
(4 cemeteries)
Royal Cemetery, Jalan Kubah Makam Diraja, 斯里巴加灣市, Brunei(Satellite)
Chinese Cemetery, Jalan Kasat, Kampung Setia B, Brunei(Satellite) 
Christian Cemetery, Simpang 37, 馬來奕, Brunei(Satellite)
A cemetery, Lebuhraya Muara-Tutong, Brunei(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Jalan Kampung Batu Gong, 94200 Siburan, Sarawak, Malaysia(Satellite)
A cemetery, Jalan Taman Buaya Jong, 94200 Siburan, Sarawak, Malaysia(Satellite)
A cemetery, Jalan Siniawan, 94000 Bau, Sarawak, Malaysia(Satellite)
A cemetery, Jalan Serikin, 94000 Bau, Sarawak, Malaysia(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
A cemetery, San 95-30 Gochon-ri,Cheolma-myeon, Gijang-gun, Busan, South Korea(Satellite)
A cemetery, San 26-1 Cheongnyong-dong, Geumjeong-gu, Busan, South Korea(Satellite)
(3 cemeteries)
Hasankhel Qabristan, Indus Hwy, Pakistan(Satellite) 
Muqbara, Charsadda Rd, Mardān, Pakistan(Satellite) 
Umti Kabristan(烏米特墓地), Dispensary Rd, Wadpagga, Pakistan(Satellite)  
(3 cemeteries)
Public Cemetery, 1st Rd, Cotabato City, Philippines(Satellite)
Uhaw Public Cemetery, MSU Access Rd, General Santos City, Philippines(Satellite) 
Eternal Gardens Memorial Park, General Paulino Santos Dr, Koronadal City, Philippines(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Sehitlik & Mezarlık, Muhittin Mh., 59850 Çorlu/Tekirdağ, Türkiye(Satellite)
Maksudi Baba Mezari, Sedde Yolu, Yeniimaret Mh., 22000 Edirne, Türkiye(Satellite)
Mezarlik(墓地), İstiklal Cd, Kocasinan Mh., 39750 Lüleburgaz/Kırklareli, Türkiye(Satellite)
Mezarlik, Murat Hüdavendigar Cd, Kocasinan Mh., 39750 Lüleburgaz/Kırklareli, Türkiye(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Kuburan(墓地), Jalan Kapuk, Jakarta 13420, Indonesia(Satellite)
Makam(墓) Penggilingan, Jalan Palad, Jakarta 13950, Indonesia(Satellite)
Kuburan, Jalan Arun 10-Ujung Menteng, Jakarta 13910, Indonesia(Satellite)
Makam 33 Kolonel Soegiono, Jalan Madrasah 3, Jakarta 13440, Indonesia(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Arawwala Cemetery, B367, Pannipitiya, Sri Lanka(Satellite)
Crematorium(火葬場), Mudliyar Ave, Nugegoda, Sri Lanka(Satellite)
Pahala Biyanwla Cemetery, Pushparama Mawatha, Kadawata, Sri Lanka(Satellite)
Public Cemetery, Rathanarama Mawatha, 斯里賈亞瓦德納普拉科特, Sri Lanka(Satelllite)
Satellite view of Baddagana Public Cemetery, 2nd Lane Jayepura Mawatha, 斯里賈亞瓦德納普拉科特, Sri Lanka
(3 cemeteries)
Ai jish Cemetery, 7544 Ar Rayah, 'Ank 32467 2984, Saudi Arabia(Satellite)
A cemetery, 3139 Ash Shahba, Qatif 32653 7814, Saudi Arabia(Satellite)
Satellite view of a cemetery, 7419 Abdul Rahman Ibn Awf Rd, An Nasim al Gharbi, Riyadh 14227 5141, Saudi Arabia(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
Al-Honainia Cemetery, Hunainiyah Ave, Ar-Rifā', Bahrain(photo)
Hunainiyah Cemetery, Hunainiyah Ave, Ar-Rifā', Bahrain(Satellite)
Malkiya Cemetery, Road No 3311, Al-Mālikīyah‎, Bahrain(Satellite)
Shahrakkan Cemetery, Road No 4432, Shahrakkan, Bahrain(Satellite)
(4 cemeteries)
A cemetery, Omar Ben Al Khattab, 科威特市, Kuwait(Satellite)
(5 cemeteries)
Nghĩa trang, Hương Lộ 11, 邊和市, 同奈, Việt Nam(Satellite)
Nghĩa trang,  Nguyễn Ái Quốc, 邊和市, 同奈,Việt Nam(Satellite)
Nghĩa trang, Võ Thị Sáu, Thong Nhat Ward, 邊和市, 同奈, Việt Nam(Satellite1)
Nghĩa trang, Võ Thị Sáu, Thong Nhat Ward, 邊和市, 同奈, Việt Nam(Satellite2)
Nghĩa trang, Water Pipeline, Tân Đông Hiệp, 胡志明市, 平陽省, Việt Nam(Satellite)
虛擬造訪之記錄 Records of Virtual Cemetery Visits


Past monthly records of virtual cemetery visits--->Please enter here.



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