146 Cartoons and Stories on Ahimsa
Part IV


Cartoons drawn by Feng Tzu Kai
English translation by Dr. Yutang Lin
Edited and Chinese calligraphy by
the Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen

An elephant walks into a house. Under one of its feet there is a big thorn. The master of the house takes it out. The elephant kneels down and let the man ride on its back. They go deep into the mountains. The elephant digs up a huge pile of elephant tusks from the ground with its trunk to thank the man.


There is a household in the City of Hwai-Ahn that kills the mother-dog they keep for a meal. The three son-dogs carry the bones of their mother in their mouths and dig a hole in the ground to bury them. They stay around the tomb and cry in grief. The neighbors all call them dogs of fidelity.


Mr. and Mrs. Yen go to work. Their small daughter stays home with their dog. The girl falls into their pond. The dog jumps into the water and carries her out to the shore. Then he runs to where they are working, barks, and leads them home. The girl is saved in time!


A fisherman sees a pair of mandarin ducks. He catches the male one and cooks it. The female one follows the boat and cries in grief. As soon as the fisherman opens the cover of the pot in which the male one is being cooked, the female one throws herself into the boiling water to die together with her husband.


Dong Si Dsai is drunk and falls from his horse. He lies sleeping along the road with the reins still in his hand. A robber takes off his clothing and then tries to get hold of his horse. As soon as the robber takes the reins the horse suddenly bites his hair knot. Only after Dong has woken up and recovered all his belongings does the horse release the robber.


Yuan Hau Wen meets a hunter of wild geese on the road. One of a pair of wild geese is shot to death, while the other escapes. Yet the escaped one cries in grief in the sky and then drops itself to the ground and dies. Yuan buries both wild geese and builds a stone tomb for them. He names it "The Tomb of Wild Geese."


One man takes some baby golden orioles and keeps them in a bamboo cage. Their parents fly around the cage and cry in grief. The man takes the babies out of the cage to let their parents feed them. Even though people are around, the parent orioles do their feeding without any fear. The man stops taking the babies out for a few days. The mother oriole throws herself into a fire, while the father oriole drops against the cage and dies. When his body is opened up one sees that all his intestines are broken down to pieces.


A monk is killed by a bandit. His disciple goes to the city to report the case to the police. The bandit happens to be drinking in a bar. The disciple's dog runs into the bar and bites the bandit's foot. So he is captured and he admits his guilt to the authorities.


There are two neighboring mother geese, one white, the other black, each having a few babies. One day the black one dies. Then each morning the white mother goose goes to the other nest to gather the black babies to join her own to go out for food. And each evening she leads the black babies back to their nest, and then leads her own back home.


A local official goes to a house to collect taxes. The man has only one hen with some chicks. He is going to kill the hen for a meal. The official stops him from doing so. Next time when the official comes to visit, the hen leading her chicks comes forth to thank him. The other time when the official encounters a tiger in the neighborhood, the chickens fly up to snatch the tiger's eyes, hence, he escapes to safety.


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