T'ang Poems in a
Simplified Classical Form
Part IV


Selected and translated by the Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen

1. Presented to the Rev. Monk

Wei Ying Wu

On the Eastern Mountain he does dwell,
He takes only water form a well.
We did not see his stove nor he took food,
For thirty years, only heard him struck bell.

2. Presented Again to the Zen Monk

Hang Wo

From nothing comes into haveness,
it's like clouds around the Peak.
From haveness returns to nothing,
it's like a short flash so quick.
Either haveness or nothing, both are of phantom,
Of which those common persons usually like to speak!

3. Written on the Wall of

Rev. Jou of Wen-An Temple
Ou Yang Jan

His rush cushion and his straw matting have no dust.
He sits between all pines like a man of no lust.
When noon appears on the mountain he begins to strike the bell.
He cooks a little food for his body which he does not trust.

4. Bride

Wang Jien

Three days after the wedding, early I get up,
And go to kitchen to make, for the first time, soup.
I ask, "What is my mother-in-law's habit of taste?"
At first, to a sister-in-law in family group.

5. Traveling in Chung-An

Yung Tao

I passed many houses of my fellow;
There is no one whom I can follow.
When I'm home, I see the only one
Always with me, it is my shadow!

6. Night

Wei Ying Wu

To where the light has gone?
From where the night does come?!
Year after year weaker I become!
Time is half passed, I will die soon!

7. The Stick that Moves the Lamp-wick

Lo Ping Wong

Though my body has always been used to boil,
Yet my own weak nature does not like to broil.
I know myself need not be moistened with oil,
Ah! Why and where should I share the lamp's pure-oil?

8. Presented to Rev. Hon-Chee in an Autumn Night

Ou Yang Jan

If you had been lured by the worldly things of charm,
How could you make friend with such a superior man?
I know the beautiful moon on Tan-Si in this night,
Though shines on many mountains, yet only for this man!

9. Written on the Wall of a Zen Hermitage

Yu Fu

Even no flower, the scent is smelled from the holy ground.
In the most straight pines, the white and pretty cranes could be found.
When arriving this holy place, we will not be lonely.
All the reverend monks and friends are our Zenists compound.

10. Written on the Wall of a Hermitage

Mon Hau Zan

Many nice flowers of coir-palm,
Just in this season they do bloom.
Moses and lichens come into the hermitage,
No person, no lesson, but perfume does come!

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