139 Poems on Buddhist Marvels


Written and translated by the Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen
The marvels are jotted down from Buddhist history and
calligraphy by Mrs. Shou-yean Lin

Miss Hwa Yen was a girl of charm.
Now! Who heeds to poor's giving alms?
Her ten small grain yellow rice are
More valuable than a large farm!

In his residence he builds a Hell-court Temple,
To change the Princess' bad temper with a fine sample.
Neither should he assume as a deaf or a fool,
Nor should he fight her again, against her trample!

After preaching Tao San gets into Buddha's Tower,
He dies without any sickness, all audience is a knower.
To help those hunters become very merciful persons,
They worship his tomb and get very wonderful flowers!

Each thing has, one by one, four stratums like the clouds;
Body, mind, consciousness soul, and energy crowd.
It is no wonder that a form has its shadow;
Of the same Dharmakaya no need to be proud!

"Oneself within a cocoon never without",
In tears I used this, Karma to talk about.
Since I read Rev. Hu-Shih-Fu's biography,
I dress no more satins but draw its silk out!

Lee Lin Fu's corpse to be left alone was not allowed,
Because he trapped many people with a smiling bow.
Receiving his results of flower and that of fruit,
He was reborn ten times as a prostitute and cow.

The official was a Taoist of bad dander,
Forcing monks to welcome Lau-tze in order.
Who dared to reject such a cruel commandment?
The monk whose name is just "Enlightened Leader"!

Pagoda appears like Dharmakaya appears,
Since the Dharmadhatu's round, without front nor rear.
The Buddha statue, its aureole and lotus seat
Get together after missing for forty years!

The Auspicious Divine Girl is a cruelty.
She usually holds a big bag of germs and poisons,
With which she punishes many evil and bad persons.
The fly is one of her Dharma-protector deity!

Gods and Dragon King help him to get many offers.
Hwei-Ta does gather matters without mundane power.
The upstairs of his church being too high has bent waywards.
The northward wind puffs it upright, the Tze-Nun Tower!

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