134 Cartoons and Poems on Ahimsa
Part III


Cartoons drawn by Feng Tzu Kai
Translation and Chinese calligraphy by
the Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen

The sweet taste of tea is deeply refreshing.
Men tired when incense finished through their noses.
While the spider's still working on a huge web,
The wind pushes her silk to touch thither house.

Walking on white sands in fluted notes;
Bamboo fence hides deep in vapor vast.
Tenderly the young village girl says,
Look! The little swallow now makes a nest!

As we walked to the Chrysanthemum Pond,
The sun had declined to the western tomb.
The master was hiking up in the hills;
Only the chickens and dog remained home.

Living in small huts of two, three rooms,
From harm by wind and rain we're just free.
Our friend does not come in to visit;
He enjoys the thousand-year old tree.

This morning the pond brings inspiration;
Quickly I inform my friend who stays home;
Spring rain last night filled the pond to edges;
Staying for a long time the gulls flew down.

Cow and boy all are white like one.
If your seek their minds, both are none.
When one moon shines through, all clouds white.
They wander all space--clouds and moon.

Too heavy a load;
Too steep is the land.
Thanks to boy and man
For giving a hand!

Butterflies busily dance through the songs of birds.
The best air spreads out in spring light as white as pearls.
Yellow bees hit the swing-ropes again and again;
They admire the perfume left from the hands of girls.

When it's spring in warm weather,
They walk out a little further.
After their lunch at high noon,
Boy and cow sleep together.

On the bank the setting sun lights up the sand plane;
After tides ebb the boat lands in a little shower.
One pair of white gulls is standing near the water;
Upon seeing men they fly into reed-flowers.

Mandarin ducks play in love together;
A trouble arises from wind and wave either;
Although they are longing for each other,
They must be apart hither and thither!

Dragonfly and butterfly are so busy;
They pass through flowers and never fight.
Swallows and nightingales sing in harmony;
Talk and sing on their joy of spring light.

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