A Ritual of Fire Sacrifice to the Five Saints of Christianity

CW40: No.122

By the Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen

1. Get Permission from the Goddess of the Earth

Visualize the Goddess of the Earth with a yellow body suddenly appearing from the earth and accepting the blessing of the Master. After she offers her approbation, she suddenly disappears.

The Master wields his Vajra in the upper portion of the borrowed place where the fire alter is situated. He creates a Vajra-cross mental image there and then recites the following half stanza:

When abiding in the non limit of cosmos,
The heavenly palace of God appears within.

2. Develop the Bodhicitta

Goodness of man heaven yana may nourish Bodhicitta;
Bit by bit one may accumulate a huge stock of merits.
To save all beings in samsara from their heavy sins,
And put them on pure ground for ascending to Buddhahood,
This sacrifice is offered to nourish good deeds.
May the Five Saints help spread the Dharma indeed!

3. Bless the Bell, Vajra, and Drum

Visualize that Father Buddha and Mother Buddha become lights and go into the Vajra and Bell respectively. Visualize the moon on the right palm and the sun on the left one. Cross the right hand over and above the left one, simultaneously pick up the Vajra with the right hand and the Bell with the left one, meanwhile reciting MAHA VAJRA HUM and VAJRA CHIA TSO AH. Use the Vajra to touch the heart (chakra) three times, simultaneously ring the Bell three times. Then repeat the following stanza:

The Vajra embodies the Heavenly Mercy of Father,
The Bell spreads the Deep Compassion of Mother,
The Drum, like Holy Spirit, inspires all Saints' devotion,
All help carry Jesus' Cross of Salvation!

Then recite the incantation of Blessing the Bell and Vajra:


Then while reciting the incantation of Requesting the Blessing of All Buddhas, use the Vajra to touch the heart (chakra) to awake all the Buddhas that are in one's own Buddha nature and with the opening of the Bell facing the top of the Master's head, turn the Bell around three times counter clockwise, then three times clockwise, thus all Buddhas in the ten directions are requested to give blessing:


4. Protection

Two pieces of food, prepared in advance, in triangular shape are offered. One white in color is for vegetarian Gods and the other is red for carnivorous Gods. The Karmic Vajra (attendant) should throw them in opposite directions for the Gods when the Master repeats the Four Hum incantation (incantation C. below), and think that all the protector Gods have been satisfied and are guarding the ceremony according to the Master's orders.

  1. Incantation:
    (meaning: Please taste it, Please!)
  2. Prayer Stanza to the Protectors: (This stanza is traditionally used. Since it belongs to the tradition, the Gods are quite used to accepting it, and hence its power to obtain protection is great.)
  3. All the eight departments of Protectors,
    And all the Yaksas and your family!
    Please take all this blessed and delicious food.
    Protect all the Yogis and their families.
    Let all of them be free and have long life.
    Gather all merits and sow all best seeds!
    And may you inspire all special enjoyments!
    Especially help this fire sacrifice,
    And let me get all the accomplishments!
    Please remember all your excellent vows,
    Help me gain all the attainments!
    Get rid of all bad conditions and death.
    Destroy all my obstacles and demons.
    Purify all terrible dreams and bad omens.
    Protect us from all dangerous risks.
    Help make peace and rich harvests for all.
    Plenty of all kinds of corn and Dharmas,
    May all good pleasures be helped by you.
    Do help me fulfill all my best wishes!
    Those who have been divined to darkness,
    And cannot understand all the Tantras,
    Not able to hear and see this secrecy,
    Please leave here and go to the place where you belong.
    If you don't take my advice right now,
    I shall use the powerful and fiery Vajra,
    To destroy your head into many Pieces!
  4. Repeat the Four Hum Incantation to send the black deities away:

    During this repetition the Master should throw some mustard seeds in ten directions, visualizing that all the black deities have returned to where they belong. Then the Master should visualize the Vajra Net which covers all ten directions and is formed with the Vajra net Mudra. Thus from the beginning of the Homa performance until its end, the altar, the Master, and his family and followers are protected.

5. Blessing the Offerings

Throughout the ceremony the Master should hold the Vajra and Bell at all times except when doing a mudra.

The Master should hold the sacred and secret Vajra dippers together in the union position of Heruka and visualize much nectar flowing down upon all the offerings. It flows from the area of contact between their reproductive organs. Hence all worldly offerings become Vajra Nectar. Repeat the following mantra:


6. Arrange the Seat of the God of Fire and that of the Five Saints

Place four auspicious grasses clockwise around the fire altar, one on each side. Cross two grasses on top of the fire altar to form the seat of the God of Fire. On top of this seat form another grass cross as the seat for the Five Saints.

  1. Arrange the seat of the God of Fire:
    1. Praise the God of Fire with the following stanza:
      Shine upon the dark becoming the bright.
      Drive away the demons with big fire!
      Your kind smile sends away the sorrows.
      Please sit on this good seat and admire!
    2. Visualize the White Fire God.
      On the lotus seat there is the word Lung;
      It becomes the White Fire God!
      One face, two arms holding a brazier profound,
      And holds a fairy bottle the world never had.
      His lovely hairs are numerous and long,
      His great belly is round with white thread!
    3. Welcome the God of Fire.
    4. The Master should raise a bunch of auspicious grass up to the sky with his thumb touching the end of the ring finger. He does this three times as a welcoming gesture, and recites the following incantation:


      Then he recites the following stanza in praise:

      You are the victorious Prince of Dharma,
      You have got the initiation of good Karma!
      Your wisdom fire can get rid of the obstacles!
      I, now, beg you to help the Homa!
  2. Arrange the seat of the Five Saints.
  3. First visualize the Heavenly Palace while reciting the following stanza:

    Clear as crystal is the Holy City,
    Fifteen hundred miles in each dimension,
    The building of its wall is jasper,
    A hundred forty four cubit tall construction.
    The City is pure gold, like unto pure glass,
    Precious stones adorn the wall's foundations:
    The first foundation is jasper;
    The second, sapphire;
    The third, chalcedony;
    The fourth, emerald;
    The fifth, sardonyx;
    The sixth, sardius;
    The seventh, chrysolite;
    The eighth, beryl;
    The ninth, topaz;
    The tenth, chrysoprase;
    The eleventh, jacinth;
    The twelfth, amethyst.
    Three gates in each of the four directions,
    With twelve angels at these gates,
    Each gate is of one pearl;
    The street of the City is pure gold,
    As it were transparent glass.
    The city needs neither Sun nor Moon,
    For the glory of God does lighten it.
    Bright as crystal is the river of water of life;
    The trees of life bear twelve kinds of fruits,
    They yield fruits every month,
    Their leaves heal disease of any kind.
    There shall be night in the City no more!
    Only with one's name written in the Lamb's book of life, May one enter this City of eternal light!
    Such wondrous Heavenly Palace,
    Appears suddenly to receive this sacrifice!

    Then arrange the seat of the Five Saints with this stanza:

    The boundless brightness of Holy Spirit is the seat outwardly;
    Shining like pure gold is God and Son's seat inwardly;
    The secret seat is in the arms of Mercy Mother;
    The most secret seat is based on the Holy Karma of apostles.

    Then visualize a big sphere of pure white light on the seat. This is the Holy Spirit. At the center of this light is Jesus on the Cross. God is above the Cross, while male apostles, like St. Francis, are below the Cross.

    To the right of the Cross is the Holy Mother; to the left are the female apostles, like Theresa. These are the Five Saints that we are referring to. Our arrangement of the seat of the Holy Spirit differs from that of Christianity. This eases the correspondence between Holy Spirit and Dharmakaya.

    Then arrange the seat of Jesus with this stanza:

    Simple and poor manger is your seat outwardly,
    Body and Blood served as Holy Supper is your seat inwardly,
    Carrying the Cross of Salvation is your seat secretly,
    The victorious bright light is your seat most secretly.

    Then welcome Jesus with this stanza:

    Welcome, Jesus, the embodiment of Five Saints!
    Welcome, Holy Spirit, which is your essence!
    Welcome, Holy Father, who sent you to us!
    Welcome, Holy Mother, who gave you birth!
    Welcome, the Apostles, who help your Holy Karma!
    Five Saints in one appearing together.
    Whether you're in the manger or on the Cross,
    Or in Heaven to the right of Father,
    Please accept this offering as one,
    And help my Karma with restraint none!

    Then praise Jesus with this stanza:

    You are the incarnation of compassionate Kuan yin,
    Through the ages He appears in various forms for Salvation.
    Once in China as the Holy monk Jin Ai,
    He cut his flesh into stripes to inspire others' Bodhicitta,
    His blood became white and paved the way to Pure Land,
    With his heart in his palms, he knelt toward West and died.
    His sacrifice was more supreme than yours,
    This offering to you is in honor of all compassionate monks,
    Thus we worship fully the Holy spirit of Kuan yin.
    Through the Kalpas there are numerous Buddhas and Bodhisattvas
    Whose Holy sacrifices are most worthy of being praised,
    Yet none of these sacrifices is as well known
    As Jesus' Crucifixion.

7. Bless the wood

Repeat the following half stanza:

With the calamity like wood start up the wisdom fire;
After offering them, all the Sages and beings do have the Pleasure!

8. Bless the oil (For Homa of reducing, one should use sesame oil.)

The pure and clean oil helps the wisdom fire,
May all be served with endless merits we admire.

9. Start the Fire

Before starting, a candle lamp should be arranged on the South East corner of the fire altar. Now the Master should put it into the fire altar. Attendants should help the Master start the fire, inside and counter clockwise around the altar with clean papers.

  • Bless the Fire.
  • With the fire mudra which is extending the middle three fingers of the right hand and bending the thumb and the small finger in the palm, turn around on top of the fire altar. At the same time, the Master should repeat the following stanza:


    Then with the right Vajra dipper which is in the form of a skull, take some sesame oil and put it into the left Vajra dipper which has four strata. For this reducing Homa the sesame oil should fill the circle stratum.

  • Offer the Fire God with the following incantation and stanza:
    1. Incantation:
    3. Praise:
      You are the Sovereign Prince of Dharma.
      You have been blessed as the King of Karma.
      With the deep wisdom burn up the sorrow.
      I, now, beg you to help the Homa!
    4. Pray to the God of Fire:
      I, the Acarya, and all my followers,
      Have learned Dharma and do the good Karma,
      Any kind of obstacles during the Homa is done,
      Please send them away from this Mandala.

    10. Offer to the Five Saints

    Bless the bread and wine with the following stanza: (Offer five pieces of bread, five pieces of butter and five cups of wine. It is better to use red brandy representing blood and white bread representing flesh.)

    As you called "Eat!" bread became your body,
    As you called "Drink!" wine became your blood.
    With all such powers I carry on the Salvation,
    Clean all sins and give new life in Dharma!

    Praise the Holy meal:

    This bread is my body that serves everyone,
    This wine is my blood the wisdom of all Buddhas,
    May such compassion set every sinner free,
    May such wisdom spread the teachings of Buddha,
    May this offer of bread and wine embody,
    All the merits of preaching Dharma and saving beings!


    You offered your body and blood to redeem our sins,
    This bread and wine is offered to represent our thanks,
    May sins be abolished and merits accumulated,
    A good foundation obtained to enjoy the pleasure of Buddha!

    Offer them to the Five Saints respectively: (One piece of bread, one piece of butter and a cup of wine is offered at one time.)

    1. To the Holy Spirit:
      The Holy Spirit is everywhere all the time,
      Thus God's being may merge into the Dharmakaya,
      Please enjoy this offer and render all your help,
      Safe guard every being till they become Buddhas.
    2. To the Holy Father:
      Through accumulating merits God's power is supreme,
      The Universe appeared, like a maya, in only seven days,
      God once protected the Dharma with supreme authority,
      Please enjoy this offer and guard me as you did Buddha.
    3. To the Holy Son:
      Jesus is the incarnation of the compassionate Kuan yin,
      To redeem everyone's sins is to fulfill God's will,
      Now as always one may be saved through believing in Jesus,
      Please enjoy this offer and help me spread the Dharma!
    4. To the Holy Mother:
      In God's grace you are affectionate and pure,
      Your virginal garbhadhatu gave birth to God's son,
      Your prayers, like echoes, are answered instantly,
      Please enjoy this offer and help me to realize Dorji Chang
    5. To the Holy Apostles:
      St. Francis set the example of a monk,
      St. Theresa is a model of modesty,
      The apostles are nice examples for us to follow,
      Please enjoy this offer and ensure our speedy Enlightenment.

      Offer oat meal to the Five Saints all together:

      This oat meal is offered as mass,
      To show our gratitude for being blessed,
      May good deeds spread and all sins redeemed,
      Help me to preach Dharma all over the world!

      Offer fish to the Five Saints all together:

      The Catholics eat no meat, only fish on Fridays. This is in honor of the facts that Jesus miraculously used five fish to feed thousands of people and that St. Peter was originally a fisherman. In Buddhism the statue of Guru Tilopa holds a live fish in his right hand ready to be swallowed, because he once swallowed a live fish and then vomited it out alive. In this case fish represents all beings in Samsara. Those practitioners who are not able to accomplish such a feat should use canned fish here.

      As you fasted but still took fish,
      Your followers do the same on Fridays,
      As you changed small amount into multitude,
      May I obtain such powers through this Homa.
      Please help me to save all beings in Samsara,
      Just as did the fish swallowing Tilopa!
      May they become the fish that plays with me in joy!

      Offer sesame seeds and recite:

      The sins of all beings in samsara are black and numerous,
      These sesame seeds represent offerings of sinful flesh and blood.

      Offer mustard seeds and recite:

      All devils are induced by our sins,
      Satan's family spreads all over this Saha world.
      May this offering of mustard seeds bring an end to all evils,
      All perversive views be destroyed and Enlightenment pervade!

      Offer the white silk garment and recite:

      Your white cloth was torn down before crucifixion,
      We are very sorry that it should have happened,
      Now this white garment is offered as a remedy,
      May your glory bring me consorts!

      Offer seven long needles and red and white threads that are very long and have not been broken on spools, and recite:

      The needles are like nerves full of vitality,
      The threads are like energy of longevity,
      May I induce the essential long life strength,
      To help convert believers of Christianity!

      Offer four fresh fruit (of any kind) and recite:

      This fruit filled with pure nectar is offered,
      May believers of Jesus obtain the fruit of Buddhahood!

      Offer the Cross to Jesus:

      Use two red candles, one longer than the other, to form a Cross. Prepare fourteen such Crosses. One Cross is offered at each one of the following fourteen stations. Sincerely repeat the following stanzas in tears. Don't just let it come out like ordinary speech.

      Praising the Cross:

    6. Through the kalpas there are numerous Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
      Whose Holy sacrifices are most worthy of being praised,
      Yet none of these sacrifices is as well known
      As Jesus' Crucifixion.
      The horizontal bar of the Cross stretches through ten directions,
      The vertical bar of the Cross withstands all three times,
      Birth given from God above the Cross!
      Death taken for men below the Cross!

      Then pray:

      God as father, virgin as mother,
      Lived for all and died the same,
      Resurrected after death in order to save everyone,
      As his incarnation, you are no different from Kuan yin.
      Throughout the three times and in the ten directions,
      The compassionate Karma on the Cross is well known.
      Give alms and keep the commandments,
      Tolerate all disgraces and look toward Heaven,
      Be firm in all distresses and gain peace through wisdom.
      Thus you set the recipes for men heaven goodness.
      This foundation may help one reach Vajrayana.
      So now is the time to help spread the Dharma.
      May your compassion help me in every way,
      Bestow on me the power to give sight or life,
      May European wind and American rain all sing
      the Three Gems Hymn,
      Leading the whole world to form one Buddha temple.

      Then offer one Cross at each of the following fourteen stations:

      Stanzas on the Fourteen Stations of the Cross

      1. Condemned to Death
      2. Crown of thorns to Jesus misdeemed.
        Should the God's Son have his own sin?
        It was God sending his son for us.
        As we have sinned, through him to redeem.

      3. Bearing the Cross
      4. On the Cross there's all mankind's heavy sin.
        Who could bear, except you, the great compassion?
        We should have thanked you not only with tears.
        We must be pure without sin and delusion.

      5. The First Fall
      6. Blood and flesh were served for supper last night.
        Your prayer moved not the cup even so right.
        The attainment of your mercy was so deep,
        Made you fall down even you're almighty.

      7. Met His Mother
      8. When you rose up from the dusty ground,
        Just then was your mother to be found.
        Taught us to confess our sins early,
        To be loved and free from burdens wrung

      9. Simon Shared the Load
      10. It was the good Simon who shared your load,
        I am sad then I was not with Lord!
        Now the great event falls on my shoulders,
        I wish I may get your help a lot.

      11. Veronica Wiped the Face of Jesus
      12. Tears of pity were shed when you bore the Cross.
        Lament still remains though thousand years have passed.
        I envy that Veronica had wiped it,
        Though, like blood, my red candles on Homa across.

      13. The Second Fall
      14. Sins full of the sky you had born all.
        So far away you went in the cool.
        For others sake you staggered and fell.
        Taught us to rise even after fall.

      15. Met Women Weeping
      16. The image makes us sad even now.
        The women who met you, how could they bear?
        One who has sin could not console you.
        Should we never sin again we must know.

      17. The Third Fall
      18. Your great power could raise the dead!
        You might bear the heavy load you had!
        Still you fell and rose up three times.
        Taught us to confess even so bad!

      19. Garment Stripped (Here five yards of white silk may be offered)
      20. Neither had you church nor food.
        But gave teachings in deep mood!
        What a cruelty it was!
        Keep no garment you could!

      21. Nailed on the Cross
      22. Who was so cruel you to nail?
        "Lord of the World " all did hail!
        Who could nail all sages of five signs?
        Each age has one following so well!

        (St. Francis had neither church nor disciples. He followed Jesus' example in every way. Once he fasted for forty nine days on an island and obtained the five signs of crucifixion through God's blessing.)

      23. Salvation Through His Death
      24. You loved all and was victim for all!
        Our merciful God to you so cool!
        To redeem our sins was so difficult,
        That God put you to death to save us whole!

      25. Lay in Mother's Arms
      26. i)It was given back to her.
        Who was chos'n to give him life.
        To whom it was still as dear
        As though he were still alive.

        ii)Under the Cross Mother met your death.
        How could she bear to think of your Holy birth?
        From her deepest lament tears were falling down.
        Drop by drop till it mingles with ours.

      27. Jesus Ascended to Heaven
      28. Where on the Earth could be the Holy Mountain,
        Which could bury you forever to maintain?
        Even the stone gate could not keep you at all.
        Flown to the Holy Heaven you did attain.

      Offer the eight offerings, recite the stanza:

      With this offering of water, may God shower nectar on us!
      With this offering of flower, may Holy Spirit bring us pleasure in Dharma!
      With this offering of incense, may our sins be redeemed through Jesus!
      With this offering of lamp, may Holy Mother pray for our wisdom!
      With this offering of perfume, may we tread the path of Holy Apostles!
      With this offering of food, may the Five Saints bless us!
      With this offering of music, may the Five Saints help spread the Dharma!

    11. Give Thanks to the God of Fire

    A small portion of each offering should be kept for the God of Fire. Now the Master should pour this remainder into the fire and visualize the God of Fire appearing from the fire in his original personality and accepting the offerings with a smile.

    12. Dedicate the Merit

    The Master prays as follows:

    1. General Prayer:
    2. If I and my followers have done anything which would make the Protector Gods or Goddesses of Buddhism unhappy, may this Homa performance be a confession.
      If my followers and sponsors have broken some silas or vinayas, have been disturbed by false views or have been deserted by all the protectors, may this Homa be a redemption and get the permission to be forgiven.

      May the merit of Homa be successful in the attainment of Buddhahood.

    3. Special Prayer:
    4. May the merit of this Homa,
      Bring about the presence of Kuan yin and God!
      Thanks to God and His family:
      Thanks to Jesus for redeeming our sins!
      Thanks to the Holy Spirit for constant protection!
      Thanks to the Holy Mother for merciful prayers!
      From now on we'll be free from all evils!
      Never shall we be weary of doing good!
      May our lives be as pure as the hymns!
      May our Karma be filled with resurrections!
      May this foundation of Men Heaven goodness be well established !
      Thus we may practice Dharma and soon reach Enlightenment! May we possess the six supernatural powers and the ten powers of Buddha!
      May all men and heavenly beings soon become Buddhist!

    13. Confession

    Repeat the 100 word incantation of Vajrasattva and the special confessions below.

    1. To Vajrasattva we deeply confess the sins of
      Those Vajrayana practitioners who are pretentious,
      Those Ch'an School practitioners who are arrogant,
      Those Pure Land School practitioners who are careless,
      And those who violate the silas of Buddhas.
      We also confess these sins to the Cross,
      May the displeasure of Heavenly Gods and the anger of Hell Gods thereby be pacified.
    2. The sins of violating the five silas or the ten virtues,
      The sins of violating the silas of Bodhisattvas,
      The sins of violating the fourteen basic silas of Vajrayana,
      And the sins of violating the silas of Sunyata,
      Besides confessing all these sins to the Thirty Five Buddhas,
      May the resulting anger of the Heavenly Gods, and displeasure of Hell Gods, and the resulting criminal charges brought up against one, or the punishment inflicted upon one,
      Be pacified by confessing to the Cross.
    3. Quarreling among various religions and fighting among protectors,
      Holding Mahayana against Hinayana without realizing their supplementary relationship,
      Depending on Buddha to be disrespectful of Gods,
      Boasting about deep theory and ignoring small rules of conduct,
      Censuring Religions according to the shallow sciences,
      Pursuing material comforts at the expense of spiritual growth,
      Manufacturing all kinds of instruments for killing,
      Propagating violence to oppress innocent people,
      Spreading perversive ideas and wrong views,
      May the sins of all these wrongful deeds,
      Be redeemed through confessing to Jesus!


    Although Jesus has prayed for us,
    We still need to pray for our blessing;
    Likewise we offer sacrifices to God.
    Even though Jesus has sacrificed Himself for us.
    We should not pay attention only to our own comforts,
    Rather we must offer presents to God.
    God does not need our offerings,
    But we may obtain all that we need through Homa!
    Fire sacrifices are ideal,
    Because our offerings are completely consumed.
    Thus our intention to offer is beyond doubt,
    And God's acceptance is total.
    No wonder that Homas bring so many inspirations!

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