A Ritual of Homa to the Healing Buddha

CW40: No.116

Translated from Chinese work by the same author,
the Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen

1. Get permission from the Goddess of the Earth.

Visualize the Goddess with a yellow body, who suddenly appears from the Earth, accepts the blessing of the Master, who offers her approbation, and suddenly disappears.

Master wields his Vajra in the upper portion of the borrowed place where the fire altar is situated, he creates a Vajra-cross mental image there, then he repeats the following half stanza:

When abiding in the non-limit of cosmos is thinking,
the great palace of the Healing Buddha appears within.

2. Develop the Bodhicitta in general.

As well as your Holiness has the Bodhicitta,
I would like to develop it with your data.
I am now to do something in place of you;
Whatever you have vowed I have to do so far.

3. Recite the special Twelve Vows of the Healing Buddha:

The first vow: "I vow that after my reincarnation, and having attained unexcelled complete Enlightenment, my body should be shining like a brilliant light, throwing beams on infinite, and boundless worlds, adorned with a retinue of thirty-two forms of the Great Men and with eighty physical characteristics of the Buddha. I shall make all beings wholly equal to me."

The second vow: "I vow that, after my reincarnation, and having attained Perfect Enlightenment, my body should be like a crystal in spotless purity both within and without, with splendorous radiant light, in the majesty of its virtue, sitting serenely, adorned with the aureole, brighter than the sun and the moon. I shall reveal my great power to all the beings in obscurity in order that they may act freely according to their bent."

The third vow: "I vow that, after my reincarnation, and having attained Perfect Enlightenment, I should grant by means of boundless wisdom to all beings, the inexhaustible things that they may need and grant that they may be free from any want."

The fourth vow: "I vow that, after my reincarnation, and having attained Perfect Enlightenment, I should bring those who have gone the heterodox ways to dwell tranquilly in the way of Bodhi; and those who travel on the vehicle of the Sravaka and the Pratyeka Buddha may they stand firmly in the Great Vehicle of Bodhisattva."

The fifth vow: "I vow that, after my reincarnation, and having attained Perfect Enlightenment, I should enable the innumerable beings to observe all the moral laws to mend their ways to pure living, and to obey the three cumulative commandments. Should there be any relapse, or violation, they shall again become pure once they hear of my name, then they shall not fall."

The sixth vow: "I vow that, after my reincarnation, and having attained Perfect Enlightenment, those beings who are physically Inferior with imperfect senses, such as, the ugly, stupid, blind, deaf, mute, crippled, paralyzed, hump-backed, leprous, lunatic, or sick in many respects, shall, when they hear of my name, regain their normal appearance and become intelligent. All their senses shall be perfectly restored, and they shall not suffer from disease."

The seventh vow: "I vow that, after my reincarnation, and having attained Perfect Enlightenment, those who are tormented by diseases, who have nobody to whom they can seek help, who are without a refuge, without a doctor, without medicine, without relatives, without a home; these poor and miserable beings shall all of them be free from disease and trouble, and shall enjoy perfect health of body and mind, once my name reaches their ears. They shall have families, friends and properties aplenty, and shall all be brought to the supreme Enlightenment of Buddha."

The eighth vow: "I vow that, after my reincarnation, and having attained Perfect Enlightenment, women who are tormented by the hundreds of sufferings of the female sex, who are weary of life and long to make bodily sacrifice, shall all of them, when they hear my name, be transformed into men instead of women, in the next rebirth. They shall get the form of manhood and shall in the end attain the supreme Enlightenment of Buddha."

The ninth vow: "I vow that, after my reincarnation, and having attained Perfect Enlightenment, I should let all beings escape the evil nets of Mara, to be free from other non-Buddhist cults. If they should have been misled by perversive views, I will assist and lead them to the noble truths, and gradually induce them to lead the life of a Bodhisattva. And soon, they shall attain the supreme Enlightenment of Buddha."

The tenth vow: "I vow that, after my reincarnation, and having attained Perfect Enlightenment, I should bring it to pass that all those who are recorded and condemned by the royal law to be bound and whipped, to be enchained in prisons, to be sentenced to capital punishment, to meet numerous other disasters and insults, to be afflicted with sorrow and anguish, to be troubled both in body and in mind, shall, when they hear of my name, escape evil karma through the awe inspiring majesty of my blessedness and virtue."

The eleventh vow: "I vow that after my reincarnation, and having attained Perfect Enlightenment, I bring it to pass that all beings who are tormented by hunger and thirst and who, in order to obtain food, have accumulated evil karma, be satiated first with superior drink and food, if they can carefully remember my name and cherish it, then I should let them taste the flavor of the Dharma, and eventually lead a tranquil and happy life."

The twelfth vow: "I vow that, after my reincarnation, and having attained Perfect Enlightenment, all beings who are poor and naked, tormented day and night by mosquitoes and wasps, by cold and heat, when they hear my name and carefully remember and cherish it, shall receive the wonderful garments of all kinds, as well as valuable ornaments,chaplets of fragrant flowers; and various kinds of instrumental music shall resound. Whatever they dream of, they shall have In abundance."

4. Bless the Bell and Vajra and Drum.

The sound of Five Elements is so sonorous,
The might of five discernment is so vigorous,
Health and happy both make the drum a special form;
Mind and being and Buddha are in Oneness and firm.

5. Protection

Two kinds of food in triangular form--one is white for Vegetarian Gods, the other is red for Carnivorous Gods, should be prepared before the Homa takes place. Now the Karmic Vajra (attendant) should throw them in separate directions, when he hears the Master's incantation as follows:

  1. Incantation: OM KA KA KA HSI KA HSI
  2. Stanza of Prayer to the protectors:

    All the eight departments of protectors,
    And all the Yakshas and your family,
    Please take all this blessed and delicious food,
    Let all of them be free and have long life!
    Gather all merits and sow all best seeds!
    And may they deserve all special enjoyment!
    Especially help this fire sacrifice,
    And let me get all the accomplishments!
    Please remember all your excellent vows.
    Help me gain all the attainments.
    Get rid of all bad conditions and death.
    Destroy all my obstacles and demons.
    Purify all terrible dreams and bad omens.
    Protect us from all dangerous risks.
    Help make peace and rich harvests for all.
    Plenty of all kinds of corn and Dharmas.
    And may all good pleasures be helped by you.
    Do help me fulfill all my best wishes.
    Those who have been divined to darkness,
    And cannot understand all the Tantras,
    Not able to hear and see this secrecy,
    Please leave here and go to the place where you belong.
    If you don't take my advice right now,
    I shall use the powerful and fiery Vajra
    To destroy your head into many pieces!!!

  3. Repeat the Four HUM incantations to send the black deities away.

    OM Sunbani Sunbani HUM HUM Peh!
    OM Krihara Krihara HUM HUM Peh!
    OM Kriharapaya Kriharapaya HUM HUM Peh!
    OM Ahraya HO Bagavin Biyalentza HUM HUM Peh!

During the repetition, the Master should throw some mustard seeds away and think that all the black deities have returned to where they belong. Then the Master should visualize the Vajra Net which covers all six directions i.e., Zenith and Nadir and the four directions with the Vajra Net Mudra. Thus from the beginning of the Homa Performance till its end, the altar and the Master and his family and followers are protected.

6. Bless the Offerings

The Master should hold the sacred and secret Vajra dippers together in the double position of Heruka and visualize much nectar falling down upon all the offerings. It flows from the part of connection between their productive organs. Thus all worldly offerings become Vajra Nectar. Repeat the following mantra:

OM Tzar Tzar Tzar Tzar Tzar!

7. Blessing the place, the body, the altar, and the Karma.

Repeat the following stanza each sentence states the way of blessing.

    Pure, quiet, bright is the lapis lazuli palace.

    Mercy and light shine the whole world, not bloody.

    It is as well as shadow, and wish and Dharma!

    Blessed by the above, served for all the Pa and Ma!

8. Arrange the seats of the God of Fire and of the Yidam.

Use the auspicious grasses one by one around the fire altar clockwise. With two grasses, cross over the top of the fire altar. The first two for the seat of the fire God, above this another two for Buddha.

  1. Praise the God of Fire with the following stanza:

    Shine upon the dark becoming the bright.
    Drive away the demons with big fire!
    Your kind smile sends away the sorrows.
    Please sit on this good seat and admire.

  2. Visualize the White Fire God

    On the lotus seat, there is a word, "Lung."
    It becomes the white fire God!
    One face, two arms holding a stove profound
    And holds a fairy bottle the world never had.
    His lovely hairs are numberless and long.
    His great belly is round with white thread!

  3. Welcome the Fire God

    The Master should raise a bunch of auspicious grass up to the sky with his thumb touching the end of the index finger three times as a welcoming gesture, and repeating the following incantation:

    OM Ahraya Sabarivara Tza Kei Hum Tza!

9. Repeat the Praising stanza:

You are the Victorious Prince of Dharma.
You have got the initiation of good Karma!
Your wisdom fire can get rid of obstacles!
I now beg you to help the Homa!

10. Arrange the seat of the Yidam

  1. Praise the Yidam of Healing Buddha with the following stanza:

    Bright and clear is your transparent seat outward;
    The twelve great pillars of vows, your seat inward;
    The great Compassion, your holy seat secretly:
    The deep Sunyata, your holy seat most secretly.

  2. Visualize the Healing Buddha:

    Your body is holy with deep blue light;
    Best fruit on best gesture is so bright;
    Your merciful looking is at all beings;
    Without moving your seat do your saving.

11. Repeat the stanza of seven conditions:

On your jewel ground I bow down;
With your kind vows I sing the song;
Rid of all mental disease in my confession;
Through Sunyata I agree in your conversion.
Please turn your great Dharma Wheel.
And abide on the no-death meditation
Leading all beings under your Salvation!

12. Praising the Yidam with the following stanza:

On the East, productive and growing direction,
The glassy Gem and famous world even be seen.
The transparent body with your merciful mind,
Make all beings satisfied I am praising.

13. Repeating the stanza of application:

My Lord Buddha!
  Your great compassion influences till now.
Sentient beings!
  Beg you for Salvation and don't know how.
  Besides nine usual ones, there is still a mass!
  Easily to be finished even like those grass.
  Just like a moth flies by itself to the fire!
  Bombs fall like rain; they fight without tire!
  Big bottle outside with madness inside!
  It is only you who can cure and guide!

Adultery causes one to get leprosy!
Cupidity causes one to be mad and crazy!
Gluttony causes one to get enterostomy!
Killing many animals causes deformity!
Committing sins against the law results in punishment!
Running after the false view, causes mad excitement!
Practitioners have many kinds of diseases!
Avidya is the deepest one hardly to cease!
Desire is the wildest one which makes double illness!
Four hundred and four kinds of ailments with sadness!
Delusions and drowsiness are the meditative ills.
In one's body, nerve and energy have sicknesses still!
If there is a hope, it will also be a disorder!
If something to want is a thing to pardon!
It's a distemper, if you don't know the sequence!
It's an illness if you seek power with diligence!
Teaching not in time, good lessons may be bad!
Doubts rise when realization has not been had!
A little power makes pride which is not nice!
Fear the mass, like only to be alone is not wise!
Envying of others' merit is a disease!
Seeking many disciples will be without peace!
Lecturing With prejudice is a kind of error!
Hence all actions or rests are with sorrow!
May all of them be saved by your mercy!
Deliver them from ills to your Excellency!
Rid of outer, inner, and secret obstacles!
Increase wisdom, mercy, and power of miracles.
It's time for you to fulfill your oaths.
Releasing their diseases is also among your vows!
Neither you have not such wills or ability.
Nor is not the time; nor I haven't asked your almighty.
As the echo, I beg your inspiration,
Quickly recover with your best medicine!

14. Bless the wood with the following half-stanza:

With the calamity-like woods, start up the wisdom fire;
After offering them, all the sages and beings do have the Pleasure!

15. Bless the oil (for reducing Homa, we should use sesame oil):

The pure and clean oil helps the wisdom fire.
May all be served with endless merits we admire.

16. Start the fire

Before starting, a lamp should be arranged on the Southeast corner of the fire altar. From which now the Master should put it into the fire altar. Attendants should help the Master start the fire inside and around the altar with clean papers.

17. Bless the fire

With the fire mudra which is extending the three fingers of the middle part of the right palm and letting the thumb and small fingers bend in the palm, turn around on the surface of the fire altar. At the same time, the Master should repeat the following stanza:

Young, Young, Young,
Para Para Mahapara!
Para Para Pure para!
Para Para Samadhi para!
Para Para Silent Para!

Then with the right Vajra dipper which is in the form of a skull, take some oil and put it on the left Vajra dipper which has four strata, and this Homa should use the oil full of the fourth stratum which is in the form of a circle.

18. First make offering to the fire God with his incantation and the following praising stanza:

  1. Incantation:


  2. Praise:

    Pray to the God of Fire with this stanza:

    I, the Acarya and all the followers,
    Have learned Dharma and accumulated good Karma.
    Any kind of obstacle before the Homa is done.
    Please send away from the Mandala.

19. Offer to the Buddha of Healing

  1. Offer the Bodhi branches, repeat the following stanzas and incantations:

    It is able to shade Buddha well.
    No disorder will one feel.
    The Bodhi-Tree will shine great light.
    Your first two vows you do fulfill.

    Repeat the following incantation:

    Om Bhaishajye, Bhaishajye, Mahabhaishajye Rantza-Samudgate Svaha. OM Bodhi Tzecharyet Svaha.

  2. Offer the sesame with this stanza:

    Black sesame symbolizes all kinds of sins,
    May purify all our desires and bad things.

    Repeat the following incantation:

    Om Bhaishajye, Bhaishajye, Mahabhaishajye Rantza-Samudgate Svaha, Om svaha Bobon, Shingdan, Guruyet Svaha.

  3. Offer the mustard seeds:

    Handcuffs, fetters and all cruel punishments,
    False views and demons' nets make the ailments.
    I beg you to remove all kinds of obstacles
    According to your ninth and tenth vows.

    Repeat the following incantation:

    Om Bhaishajye, Bhaishajye, Mahabdshajye Rantza- Samudgate Svaha, OM Sawa artza Siddayet Svaha.

  4. Offer Mahasukha pills

    Inducing freely without tiredness,
    I offer this pill to get brightness!

    Repeat the following incantation:

    Om Bhaishajye, Bhaishajye, Mahabhaishajye, Rantza-Samudgate Svaha. Om Vajra Sukha Svaha

  5. Offer butter

    Tenth and twelfth vows to save all the poor.
    Third oath with wisdom to add merits
    And show the Bodhi of Mahayana,
    Please take this and fulfill the fourth and fifth.

    Repeat the following incantation:

    Om Bhaishajye, Bhaishajye, Mahabhaishajye Rantza-Samudgate Svaha. Om Vajra Sombhada Svaha.

  6. Offer fruits (especially 12 coconuts which symbolize the Bodhi-hearts. These should be an offering to His Twelve Vows).

    May all achieve the Rainbow Body
    Like you possess wisdom light of Bodhi.
    No darkness, only bright shines in the whole world.
    Bless us with the first and second merits.

    Repeat the following incantation:

    Om Bhaishajye, Bhaishajye, Mahabhaishajye Rantza-Samudgate Svaha. Om Vajra Bodhicitta Svaha.

  7. Offer the long needle and thread.

    May Longevity unite with health.
    Health with realization, no less!
    Realization unites with Holy Karma,
    Such a long life, I would hold it for Dharma!

    Repeat the following incantation:

    Om Bhaishajye, Bhaishajye, Mahabhaishajye Rantza-Samudgate Svaha. Om Vajra Ahya Kahon Svaha.

  8. Offer the robe.

    Offer this soft and wonderful silk.
    May all sentient beings release all ills!

    Repeat the following incantation:

    Om Bhaishajye, Bhaishajye, Mahabhaishajye Rantza-Samudgate Svaha.

20. Pray to obtain the supernatural powers to save the beings of the Six Realms with the following stanzas:

To rid the heavens' five declined fortunes,
Help me get the power of the Supernatural.
To rid all Asuras of sins of killing,
Help me get the special power of saving.
To rid mankind's two great obstacles,
Help me get the might of miracles.
To rid all animals of ignorance,
Help me get the power of influence!
To rid all ghosts of hunger and thirst,
To rid Hell of pain and suffering,
Help me to be able to do salvation.
You have accomplished the Buddha's power
And are able to help me be a Savior.
Let me do as well as your Holy Healing,
No less than a Yidam of the same feeling.
Send all your twelve marshals
To assist me as my own officials.

21. Offer the common eight offerings with the following stanza:

When offering the water, may it rid the beings of fierce sorrows.
When offering the flowers, may they rid the beings of mental error.
When offering incense, may it purify all the vinaya and be in accordance to the Bodhi.
When offering the lamp, may it get the same kaya as your lapis lazuli body! When offering Arghya, may I rid all Rheumatism.
When offering food, may I practice Mahayana Buddhism.
When offering music, may the Dharma be in sweet sound,
And use my equanimity to help those all around!

22. Give thanks to the God of Fire

From each offering as performed in the above program, there should be kept a small portion which is for the God of Fire. Now the Master should put the remainder into the fire and visualize the God of Fire appearing from the fire in his original personality and accepting the offerings with a smile.

23. Dedicate the merit

After repeating the 100 word incantation of Vajrasattva, the Master should put the Vajra and bell on the table and fold his palms and pray as follows:

a) General One

If I and my followers and my sponsors have done anything which may make the God or Goddess, Buddhas, Herukas unhappy, may this Homa performance be a confession. If my followers and sponsors have violated some silas or vinayas, have been disturbed by false views, and consequently have been deserted by protectors, may this Homa be a redemption and get the permission to be forgiven. May the merit of Homa be successful in the attainment of Buddhahood.

b) Special One

May the power of your great will and Holy Karma, and the power of the True Dharma nature, and the power of the Master's Bodhicitta, deserve your helpfulness and your pleasure!

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