118 Parables of Bodhicitta
As Taught by the Next Buddha Maitreya
(Bodhicitta Series Part I)


Under the guidance of the Buddhist Yogi C. M. Chen
Translated by Yutang Lin

Forward: To the Bodhicitta Series

Yogi C. M. Chen's How to Develop the Bodhicitta originally was meant to be one of his booklets. Due to its length it finally came out as a small book outside the Chenian Booklets. Although the five kinds of Bodhicitta have been expounded to some length in that book, there are still some explanations that may be added with benefits. Thus, the origin of this Bodhicitta Series.

In this series, seven booklets are planned to be included. The materials selected and the points emphasized will all be due to Yogi Chen. Hence, the content of these booklets is properly Chen's mind presented through Lin's writings.

The first two booklets in this series will consist of a full translation of two sets of parables on Bodhicitta as taught by Maitreya, the Next Buddha, as found in the Chinese version of the Avatamsaka Sutra. Some of these parables may be well-known already, but you will rarely, if ever, find a full translation. Through these parables we may learn not only the significance but also the functions of Bodhicitta.

The rest of the series will be divided into five booklets on five kinds of Bodhicitta. They will be presented in the sequential order of: Will, Conduct, Victorious Significance, Samadhi and Kunda. Whatever has already been said in the previous book on Bodhicitta will only be briefly mentioned in these booklets. The main purpose of this series is to add new blood into the teachings on Bodhicitta. The booklet on the Bodhicitta of Will will include suggestions on how to formulate and thereby make concrete one's good will. Also, some good wills may be presented for people in certain professions to choose from and adopt as their own. The booklet on the Bodhicitta of Conduct will present specific suggestions on how to practice the Bodhicitta of Conduct. These suggestions will be complemented by explanations on their Buddhist significance. Thus, in both these booklets the practical as well as the theoretical aspects of Bodhicitta will be dealt with in balance. The Bodhicitta of Victorious Significance has rarely been expounded in the literature. The coming booklet on this subject will attempt to give a thorough exposition.

Bodhicittas of Will, Conduct and Victorious Significance are well-known to the exoteric schools of India and those of China. While the Bodhicittas of Samadhi and Kunda belong to Tantra only. Yogi Chen is the first man to systematize all these five kinds of Bodhicittas. The esoteric Bodhicittas of Samadhi and Kunda are related to the development of the Sahajakaya and Mahasukhakaya according to the seven great elements of the universal causation which involves the sublimation of the physical body. Therefore, these two kinds of Bodhicitta require more detailed knowledge and more serious practices. We will try to provide in depth and detail information on developing these esoteric Bodhicittas in the last two booklets of the series.

May this Bodhicitta Series serve as a guide on the path to Bodhicitta in the Consequence position for every being. May all beings soon attain the Bodhicitta in the Consequence position!

  1. Bodhicitta is like a seed,
    Because the teachings of all Buddhas may sprout from it.
  2. Bodhicitta is like a nice field,
    Because all pure and white Dharma may grow in it.
  3. Bodhicitta is like the Earth,
    Because it can sustain everything.
  4. Bodhicitta is like pure water,
    Because it can wash away the dirt of all sorrows.
  5. Bodhicitta is like a huge wind,
    Because it spreads all over the world without any hindrance.
  6. Bodhicitta is like a blazing fire,
    Because it can burn up all woods of perversive views.
  7. Bodhicitta is like the clear Sun,
    Because it lights up everywhere.
  8. Bodhicitta is like the full Moon,
    Because it fully contains all pure and white Dharmas.
  9. Bodhicitta is like a lamp bright,
    Because it can shed the bright light of all Dharmas.
  10. Bodhicitta is like a clear eye,
    Because it sees all dangers and all securities.
  11. Bodhicitta is like a broad path,
    Because it leads everyone to the City of Great Wisdom.
  12. Bodhicitta is like virtuous salvation,
    Because it saves one from all evils.
  13. Bodhicitta is like a big bus,
    Because it can carry all Bodhisattvas on the Enlightenment path.
  14. Bodhicitta is like a door,
    Because it opens one to the Bodhisattva way.
  15. Bodhicitta is like a palace,
    Because one dwells in it to practice the Dharma.
  16. Bodhicitta is like a garden,
    Because one plays in it and enjoys the pleasure of Dharma.
  17. Bodhicitta is like a home,
    Because all beings in Samsara may find peace in it.
  18. Bodhicitta is like a refuge,
    Because it benefits everyone.
  19. Bodhicitta is like a rule,
    Because all Bodhisattva conducts should measure up to it.
  20. Bodhicitta is like a kind father,
    Because it guides all Bodhisattvas.
  21. Bodhicitta is like a loving mother,
    Because it gives birth to all Bodhisattvas.
  22. Bodhicitta is like a breast-feeding mother,
    Because it nurses and brings up all Bodhisattvas.
  23. Bodhicitta is like a good friend,
    Because it benefits all Bodhisattvas.
  24. Bodhicitta is like a king,
    Because it is above all sravakas and pratyeka-buddhas.
  25. Bodhicitta is like an emperor,
    Because it is at ease in all wills.
  26. Bodhicitta is like the Ocean,
    Because all merits accumulate in it.
  27. Bodhicitta is like Mount Sumeru,
    Because it is equal to every being in Samsara.
  28. Bodhicitta is like the Cakravala (the Iron Encircling Mountain),
    Because it holds every being dear.
  29. Bodhicitta is like the Snow Mountain,
    Because it grows all kinds of Wisdom herbs.
  30. Bodhicitta is like the Incense Mountain,
    Because it yields the fragrance of all merits.
  31. Bodhicitta is like the sky,
    Because its wonderful merits are endless.
  32. Bodhicitta is like the lotus flower,
    Because it is not defiled by the mundane.
  33. Bodhicitta is like a wise and trained elephant that follows orders,
    Because it is not wild nor violent.
  34. Bodhicitta is like a fine horse,
    Because it runs afar from all evils.
  35. Bodhicitta is like a jockey,
    Because it protects the Mahayana teachings.
  36. Bodhicitta is like a find medicine,
    Because it cures all sorrows.
  37. Bodhicitta is like a pitfall,
    Because all evils fall into it and disappear.
  38. Bodhicitta is like the diamond,
    Because it can cut through anything.
  39. Bodhicitta is like a perfume pouch,
    Because it can store all fragrance of merits.
  40. Bodhicitta is like a wonderful flower,
    Because everyone is happy to see it.
  41. Bodhicitta is like the white sandalwood,
    Because it cools the heat from all desires.
  42. Bodhicitta is like the black agaru,
    Because it can scent the whole Dharmadhatu.
  43. Bodhicitta is like Nice View, the king of Medicines,
    Because it can destroy any disease of sorrow.
  44. Bodhicitta is like the medicine Pitsimore,
    Because it can pluck up the arrows of ignorance.
  45. Bodhicitta is like Indra (the king of gods),
    Because it is the most honorable among all superiors.
  46. Bodhicitta is like Vaisaravana (the generous God of Wealth),
    Because it can remove the pains of poverty.
  47. Bodhicitta is like the Heaven of Merits,
    Because it is adorned with all kinds of merits.
  48. Bodhicitta is like the ornaments,
    Because it adorns all Bodhisattvas.
  49. Bodhicitta is like the fire of Kalpa,
    Because it can burn up all haveness.
  50. Bodhicitta is like the medicine of Non-born Root,
    Because it cultivates all Buddhadharma.
  51. Bodhicitta is like the pearl of a dragon,
    Because it can cure the poison of any sorrow.
  52. Bodhicitta is like the jewel that can clean water,
    Because it can clear the mud of all sorrows.
  53. Bodhicitta is like the wish-fulfilling gem,
    Because it provides for all wants.
  54. Bodhicitta is like the bottle of merits,
    Because it satisfies the heart of every being in Samsara.
  55. Bodhicitta is like the wish-fulfilling tree,
    Because it can shower all adornments.
  56. Bodhicitta is like a goose-feather gown,
    Because it won't sustain any dirt of transmigration.
  57. Bodhicitta is like white wool,
    Because it is originally clean and pure.
  58. Bodhicitta is like a sharp plow,
    Because it can cultivate the field of all beings in Samsara.
  59. Bodhicitta is like Narayana (a powerful god),
    Because it can destroy the enemy of the idea of a self.
  60. Bodhicitta is like a fierce arrow,
    Because it can pierce through the aim of all sufferings.
  61. Bodhicitta is like a sharp spear,
    Because it can penetrate the shield of any sorrow.
  62. Bodhicitta is like a strong shield,
    Because it can protect all right minds.
  63. Bodhicitta is like a sharp knife,
    Because it can cut the head of all sorrows off.
  64. Bodhicitta is like a sharp sword,
    Because it can cut through the armor of any arrogant pride.
  65. Bodhicitta is like the flag of a brave general,
    Because the army of any devil will surrender to it.
  66. Bodhicitta is like a sharp saw,
    Because it can saw through the tree of Avidya (Ignorance).
  67. Bodhicitta is a sharp ax,
    Because it can cut down all trees of suffering.
  68. Bodhicitta is like military arms,
    Because it can prevent all hardships.
  69. Bodhicitta is like skillful hands,
    Because it protects the whole body.
  70. Bodhicitta is like strong feet,
    Because it sets up all merits well.
  71. Bodhicitta is like eye medicine,
    Because it removes the cataract of Avidya (Ignorance).
  72. Bodhicitta is like a pinch,
    Because it can pinch off the thorn of the idea of a self.
  73. Bodhicitta is like a bed,
    Because all sufferings of birth and death may rest in it.
  74. Bodhicitta is like a learned man,
    Because it can release all bondages of birth and death.
  75. Bodhicitta is like treasures,
    Because it can free one from all hardships.
  76. Bodhicitta is like a great guru,
    Because it knows well how Bodhisattvas should renounce.
  77. Bodhicitta is like a hidden treasury,
    Because it is never short of providing the wealth of merits.
  78. Bodhicitta is like a spring,
    Because Wisdom water comes out from it without end.
  79. Bodhicitta is like a clear mirror,
    Because it exhibits the images of each and every Dharma school.
  80. Bodhicitta is like the lotus flower,
    Because it is not defiled by the dirt of sins.
  81. Bodhicitta is a big river,
    Because it channels all methods of salvations.
  82. Bodhicitta is like a maha Dragon King,
    Because it can pour the rain of any wonderful Dharma.
  83. Bodhicitta is like the root of life,
    Because it maintains the Great Mercy bodies of Bodhisattvas.
  84. Bodhicitta is like nectar,
    Because it can settle beings in the non-death realm.
  85. Bodhicitta is like a huge net,
    Because it catches, without exception, every being in Samsara.
  86. Bodhicitta is like a rope,
    Because it hoops every being that is ready to be saved.
  87. Bodhicitta is like a hook and bait,
    Because it lures beings out from the fathomless pond of Haveness.
  88. Bodhicitta is like the medicine Agada,
    Because it cures all disease for good.
  89. Bodhicitta is like an antidote,
    Because it can reduce the poison of lust to naught.
  90. Bodhicitta is like a mantra well held,
    Because it can destroy the poison of all perversions.
  91. Bodhicitta is like a swift wind,
    Because it can roll away the fog of all hindrances.
  92. Bodhicitta is like a continent of great treasures,
    Because it produces all treasures of Enlightenment.
  93. Bodhicitta is like a fine breed,
    Because it gives birth to all white and pure Dharmas.
  94. Bodhicitta is like a house,
    Because all Dharmas of merits abide in it.
  95. Bodhicitta is like a market,
    Because all Bodhisattva merchants do their business there.
  96. Bodhicitta is like metallurgical additives,
    Because it can separate the dirt of all sorrows.
  97. Bodhicitta is like pure honey,
    Because it is complete with the flavor of all merits.
  98. Bodhicitta is like the right path,
    Because it leads every Bodhisattva to the Wisdom City.
  99. Bodhicitta is like a fine container,
    Because it can hold all white and pure Dharmas.
  100. Bodhicitta is like a shower,
    Because it can wash away the dust of all sorrows.
  101. Bodhicitta is like a habitation,
    Because it is where all Bodhisattvas dwell.
  102. Bodhicitta is like continuous activities,
    Because it does not stop at the fruit of Arhat.
  103. Bodhicitta is like pure crystal,
    Because it is clean and bright without any defilement.
  104. Bodhicitta is like Indranila,
    Because it is superior to the wisdom of the worldly, sravakas and pratyekabuddhas.
  105. Bodhicitta is like the hourly drum,
    Because it awakens all beings who are in the sleep of sorrows.
  106. Bodhicitta is like clean water,
    Because it is pure in itself without any pollutant.
  107. Bodhicitta is like Jambu-river gold,
    Because its luster overwhelms all worldly goodness.
  108. Bodhicitta is like the king of mountains,
    Because it is above the worldly.
  109. Bodhicitta is like a refuge,
    Because it does not refuse entrance to anyone.
  110. Bodhicitta is like a rightful gain,
    Because it can abolish any sadness or displeasure.
  111. Bodhicitta is like a wonderful treasure,
    Because it fills every heart with delight.
  112. Bodhicitta is like a great almsgiving assembly,
    Because it fills up the heart of all beings in Samsara.
  113. Bodhicitta is like the superior,
    Because none in Samsara has a mind of its rank.
  114. Bodhicitta is like a hidden treasure,
    Because it can absorb all Buddhadharmas.
  115. Bodhicitta is like the Indra-net,
    Because the Asuras of sorrows are overcome by it.
  116. Bodhicitta is like the Varuna wind,
    Because it can move all who are ready to be saved.
  117. Bodhicitta is like the Indra fire,
    Because it can burn up all ignorant habits.
  118. Bodhicitta is like Buddha's stupa,
    Because everyone should make offerings to it.

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