Praying for Others

Dr. Yutang Lin

Praying for others relies on Buddha's Wisdom, Compassion and Power.
Respectfully I reported the names and the situation of their predicament.
Urgent calamity obtained instant relief even though thousand miles away.
Disastrous suffering that lasted for years melted away like ice under sun.


As to the sufferings and hardships of sentient beings, we do not have the wisdom to see clearly their causal evolutions and ways of salvation, nor do we have sufficient compassion to attend to each and every one of them so as to take good care of them, not to mention our lack of ability to help relieve their predicaments. We could only rely on Buddhas' Wisdom, Compassion and Power by praying to them on sentient beings' behalves and pleading to Buddhas for the best possible help within the sphere of possible solutions. Hence, when I prayed on behalf of others, I reported only the names and their predicaments. As to how the salvation and outcome ought to be, it is completely up to Buddhas' arbitration.

Throughout decades of devoted services in the Dharma I often received feedbacks, telling me that certain hardship thousand miles away had obtained relief soon after my prayer, or that some predicament that had troubled people for years had suddenly dissipated. Even though all these good results were completely due to Buddhas' Grace, I take comfort in helping their realization through my life-long devotion.

Written in Chinese on December 3, 2004
Translated on December 8, 2004
El Cerrito, California

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