Ritual of Blessing from Guru Rinpoche's Round-cap


Written in Chinese by Yutang Lin

Translated into English by disciple Wang Hao




Arrange the holy images of Guru Rinpoche, Guru Chen and Guru Lin.

Display Guru Rinpoche's Round-cap before the holy images.

Offer candles, incense, etc


Regular Practice


1. Do prostration three times.


2. Taking Refuge


Lineage Refuge Tree Supplication 

Original Purity, oh, Patriarch Guru Chen!
Vajra Lotus, oh, Guru Lin!
The Right Dharma lineage of Manjusri and Guan Yin,
Harmonized wisdom and compassion to spread everywhere!


Taking Refuge 


Taking refuge in Guru, merge into Dharma lineage of Wisdom Life, everlasting reliance in dependence.

Taking refuge in Buddha, return to limitless oneness, everlasting reliance in abiding.
Taking refuge in Dharma, resume original purity in intention and action, everlasting reliance in concord.
Taking refuge in Sangha, put into deeds activities of the enlightening path, everlasting reliance in observance.

3. Developing the Bodhicitta 


May all beings attain Enlightenment soon!


Unification of Four Boundless Minds


Benevolence of benevolence, compassion of benevolence, joy of benevolence, release of benevolence;
Benevolence of compassion, compassion of compassion, joy of compassion, release of  compassion;
Benevolence of joy, compassion of joy, joy of joy, release of joy;
Benevolence of release, compassion of release, joy of release, release of release.


4. Praise


Supplication to Root-Guru Chen

Originally pure Manjusri, grant me advice sound;
Tara, born from Guan Yin's tears profound.
Wherein can your infinite compassion be found?
Written teachings sent the whole world around!


Praise to the Dharma Life of Guru Chen


In You County of Hunan, A reincarnation of Manjusri born;
In his youth, as a poet, already quite well-known;
Married to a lady, a reincarnation of Avalokitesvara;
Together they recited Sutras, and ghosts gathered to listen.

Stepping from Sutras into Tantras, he completed the foundations;
At middle-age, both of them attained opening of the top aperture.
Meditated in caves, Flower Offering and Sky Dragon, for years;
Retreated on a boat floating down a river and gained realization.

Alone on the path, traveling for thousands of miles,
To seek out the Tantric secrets he went to Tibet and Xi Kang.
Favored by thirty-seven Gurus with essence of teachings,
And received great initiations of five hundred deities and more.

The highest teachings of seven schools were fully transmitted,
Written down in Chinese to spread the waves of Grace Ocean.
Retreated in a hermitage by himself for twenty-five years;
From Kalimpong in India, he looked up to Mount Everest.

Year after year of meditation in solitude worn out seven mats;
The trinity of Great Pleasure Vajra's kayas was realized.
With appreciation, he erected the Lighthouse in the Ocean of Chan;
Commenting on Karma and Maha Mudras, he propagated the blessings.

The central channel distinguished from Taoist and spinal cord;
Hinduism, Taoism, Christian and Confucian carefully sorted.
Buddhist Meditation maps the fields and the routes to Enlightenment;
Dharma Treasures of Pure Light were poured out for revelation.

Over one hundred works in English bestowed on six continents;
The Flute resounded lingering tunes to awaken the worldly.
Under Sakyamuni's command and beseeched by the Dragon King,
Flew to America to propagate the great wondrous Dharma.

Over three hundred thousand turtles, pigeons and other beings set free;
Millions of beings all over the world salvaged through Powa.
Two hundred fire pujas performed, yielding wondrous inspirations
To relieve sentient beings from all kinds of suffering.

Into the Dragon palace hundred and fifty vases were offered;
Repeating the long rides for years discounted his own ease.
Five Sutras of Pureland were unified through lectures overseas;
Rainy or windy, awoke early daily by alarm clock to feed pigeons.

Bending elbows to write about varieties in the Dharmadhatu,
Or to embrace and enjoy the oneness of Sunyata and Joy.
Poems written in calligraphy danced on sheets like dragons;
Lifelike images of Buddhas freely distributed for worshipping.

Five Wheel Pagoda erected and shone forth rainbow lights;
Bell for pacifying hell beings made and rung to reduce their suffering.
Great Bodhicitta to ensure eternal peace on Earth and in all beings
Led to the wish to build Adi Buddha Mandala for practices in retreat.

Lotus-shape auspicious land fortunately secured in hand;
Constructions for the Mandala were about to begin.
Sins and suffering of sentient beings were undertaken by the teacher
Who exhibited signs of illness and impermanence.

Upon departure heavenly music of Five-variation Chanting heard;
After cremation rainbow-colored sariras were found in abundance.
Holy pagoda stands on Formosa to bless it with peace and prosperity;
Compassionate lights of Dharmadhatu shines equally upon everyone!


Praise to Great Master Padmasambhava

Veneration in the Presence of Great Master Padmasambhava and retinue!


Graceful source of the Tantric Ocean, the deathless Lotus-born,
Adorning the salvation, the two deathless Mother Buddhas,
Sustaining the salvation activities, the Venerable
Damchen Dorje Legpa,
Right in front you appeared to me in brightness free from hindrances and limits.

Body of Sakyamuni Buddha, speech of Amitabha Buddha, and
Mind of Compassionate Guan Yin combined into you, the trinity.
On the tenth day of each lunar month you arrive miraculously,
Right in front you accepted me in brightness free from hindrances and limits.

Mahamudra and Karmamudra are pinnacle essence of Tantra,
Father and Mother Guru served as instructor and assistant on Sunyata Bliss,
Who could surpass me in having received extremely profound graceful blessing?
Right in front you taught me personally in brightness free from hindrances and limits.

Tolerating minor matters to achieve the great aim, I determined to attain Vajra-holder.
To save the very last beings in Samsara I will attain deathless so as to glorify Dharma.
Sentient beings are waiting for salvation, while my task momentous and the path long,
Right in front you matured me in brightness free from hindrances and limits.

Iron birds are flying in space and the lotus-shaped land had emerged above ground,
According to all such foretellings it's right time for the Central Land of Dharma to emerge,
Who could surpass me in having received extremely profound graceful blessing?
Right in front you bestowed on me the task in brightness free from hindrances and limits.

Any instruction and any activity that is rightfully so to be done,
All will be accomplished accordingly without any disobedience.
The time of attainment be earlier, the attainment be full and perfect,
The unsurpassable and supreme salvation activities such as these,
I whole-heartedly supplicate to Father and Mother Guru for blessing!


Praise to Guru Rinpoche


Buddha lights bestowed on a large lotus

To save all beings appeared there a boy

Established as prince, the country became prosperous

Through committing sinful acts to obtain renunciation

Learned in all sorts of knowledge and practiced Dharma

Lived in cemeteries, showed miraculous transformations

Tamed evil beings and cultivated Dakinis on the path

Roaming everywhere to spread teachings wide and far

Upon request entered Tibet to establish the first monastery

The root and source of Buddhist Tantra thereby established

Transmitted Tantras in Mandala to twenty-five disciples

Red-robed and white-clothed ones continued the lineages

Essential Sutras and Tantras selected to translate into Tibetan

Dharma treasures thus gathered and stored in snow country

Great Perfection teachings based on original purity of all things

Concealed in Earth, Water, Space and Mind Hidden Treasures

Rainbow body of death-free nature appeared as occasions called for

Disciples of meritorious conditions are all blessed by your compassion


Supplication to Guru Rinpoche


Gracious source of Tibetan Tantra in rainbow body,

Deathless salvation through opportune appearances,

Bright light of Sunyata Pleasure grants universal blessing,

Wondrous bliss of innate purity sets the universe in spring.


Praise to Mother Guru Yeshe Tsogyal

Veneration in the Presence of Guru Yeshe Tsogyal who is none other than the Vajra Yogini!


Arrived amid surrounding of boundless auspicious signs,
From the Palace of Supreme Pleasure you descended to be born here,
Served as adornment to Dharma King as well as to King of Tibet,
I praise in the presence of the Guru who upheld and transmitted Tantric teachings!

Capable of providing Guru Rinpoche with supreme pleasures,
Capable of compiling secret biography of Guru Rinpoche,
Capable of transmitting the teachings of Guru Rinpoche far and wide,
I praise in the presence of the Guru who is the Dharma Master with Great Wisdom!

Boundless merits are accumulated in one body,
How rare to be capable of taming unruly ones!
With supernatural powers to release all beings from Hells,
I praise in the presence of the Guru with Great Compassion and Great Power!

In a dream abiding in a cemetery ground,
Your Holiness appeared to the left of Guru Rinpoche,
After taming devils in me you transmitted the Wisdom Initiation to me,
I praise in the presence of the Guru who personally revealed the Lotus Palace to me!

Your Holiness orally transmitted instructions on how to maintain No-Leak,
Your Holiness gracefully demonstrated postures of Vajra Love,
Guru Rinpoche also transformed into Yidam body,
I praise in the presence of the Guru who served as Mother Guru's teaching assistant!

When will it be possible, amid Dharmakaya Light,
For Your Holiness to appear as Guru and consort?
I respectfully and solemnly supplicate to Your Holiness,
May Mother Guru's Spring of Grace be continuous and incessant!

Just as Your Holiness transformed into Mother Guru Su Ka Xi Di
To be the constant consort of Guru Chou Mi Lang Zu,
I solemnly prostrate and supplicate for such great fortune,
May Mother Guru overlook set norms and bestow on me special favor,
Very soon appear in person to me!


Praise to Patriarch Yeshe Tsogyal


Worldly fames and honors had long since learned to renounce

Capable of practicing Tantra that is so sublime and profound

Able to gather and sustain all heart essences of Guru Rinpoche

Supernatural abilities displayed ever so often to convert and help

Stayed up in snow mountain caves to practice until almost dead

Carried out Tantric Love practices to harmonize joy and light

Transmitted teachings through Termas to wait for suitable vessels

Thanks to you, graceful source of Tibetan Tantras spread and remained


Supplication to Patriarch Yeshe Tsogyal


In front of beloved grandma of Tantric practices

Dharma grandson is here to salute you in prostration

Our golden lineage came down to this degenerated age

Had become even thinner and scarcer than a thread

Those have fortunate connections can be counted by fingers

Alas! How many of them are capable of actual practices

Hindered by self-set limits are often the cases

Devoted and dedicated ones mostly encountered difficulties

Even though trials might have piled up like mountains

Ardent Bodhi aspiration has never wavered a bit

Simply for the sake of liberating all beings from sufferings

Dedication of this life is not worth any considerations

Only begging dear grandma for compassionate blessings

To protect and guide genuine Tantric practitioners

So that they may sooner realize union of joy and light

And thus become capable of advocating the path of Greed

Just as grandma's grace spread far and wide through ages

We will save all beings because they are as dear as our own mothers


Praise to Mother Guru Mandarava

Veneration in the Presence of Guru Mandarava who is none other than the Vajra Yogini!


Supreme supernatural transformations of deathless Guru Rinpoche
Only You, Guru Rinpoche's consort, Mother Buddha, could inspire.
Offered Your body as adornment to illustrate Guru Rinpoche's virtues,
I praise in the presence of the Guru who was at ease in water and fire!

Capable of taming unruly ones and helping Guru Rinpoche's supernatural transformations,
Your merits of saving beings through conversion to Dharma are inconceivable.
Capable of converting the king, officials and common folks of an entire country,
I praise in the presence of the Mother who leads beings to take refuge in Guru Rinpoche!

Accompanied Guru Rinpoche to practice Vajra Love in caves in mountains,
Both of You accomplished the attainment of deathless rainbow body!
To such extraordinary and supreme virtues of the Fruitful Stage
With boundless prostration I praise in the presence of the Guru!

Root of deathless rainbow body,
Wisdom of Supreme Sunyata and Supreme Pleasure,
Just as Your renowned epithet, King of Supreme Pleasure,
I praise in the presence of the Guru whom I pray to meet in person soon!

With full faith that is beyond spatial and temporal boundaries,
I believe that Mother Guru can soon appear as You vowed,
And with compassion beyond spatial and temporal boundaries,
To benefit sentient beings may I meet You in person now!

To adopt wind practice, Sunyata meditation, Vajra Love practice,
Including and exhausting all related Dharma practices,
Any and all practices that would lead to meeting the Guru in person
May I soon be able to gather and accumulate in progress on the path!
May I attain the help of Mother Guru as my consort in Vajra Love!


Praise to Patriarch Mandarava


Born of royal status as a princess yet enjoyed renunciation

Led five hundred maidens to practice toward original purity

Wisdom eyes capable of recognizing Guru Rinpoche's virtues

In devotion to Guru offered her body beyond worldly ways

Huge fire on large pile of firewood turned into a clear pond

The whole kingdom overwhelmed and all took refuge in Guru

In the Cave of Death Ceased practiced Tantric Love

Bone ornaments adorned her rainbow-like light body

Saved a girl from peril and led her to become a Dakini

Thus set a supreme epitome of upbringing posterity

Staying in this world and appeared as patriarch Niguma

Graceful virtues illustrative of boundless longevity


Supplication to Patriarch Mandarava


Early in life realized vanity of worldly glories and renounced it to practice Dharma;

Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, lead us onto the enlightenment path!


Wise mind capable of comprehended the original purity of the Path of Greed;

Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, open our eyes to recognize the Dharma!


Supernatural powers capable of working at ease and at will under all circumstances;

Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, let all sentient beings take refuge in Guru!


Renounced all worldly ways and engaged in austere practices to attain ultimate fruits;

Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, help us to achieve full enlightenment sooner!


Liberated beings from sufferings in Samsara until they had unified joy and Blank Essence;

Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, constantly protect and guide us on the path!


The Six Doctrines of Niguma bestowed boundless and eternal blessings to all beings;

Wondrous mother patriarch Mandarava, grant us the Buddha fruit of deathlessness!


Praise to Damchen Dorje Legpa

Veneration in the Presence of Damchen Dorje Legpa, the Great Protector who sustains Guru Rinpoche's salvation activities!


Deathless Lotus-born, storage of rightful benefits through any connections,
With endless salvation activities, who could shoulder such great tasks?

Vowed to offer services and renowned everywhere is Honorable Dorje Legpa,
Imbued with compassion to marrows, He follows sentient beings as their shadows.

The seed-word in His heart is the dark red Zhi, using eradication to induce devils to Dharma,
Its brightness pervades everywhere, reaching devils' backs like thorny prickles.

Opening full and round His wrathful eyes, staring intently like a tiger's gaze at its prey,
Applying surprise attacks to take over devils' minds, and thus render them to abide in the Great Rest.

With a hammer made of meteorite iron in His right hand, He strikes on the Heart Essence stem
To guard and protect Original Purity and render steadfast the Great Perfection.

With a wind-blower in His left hand, He fans up the flames of Wisdom,
Thereby all Three Realms of Existence are burned down, and yet no grassland caught fire.

Riding on a goat with supernatural ability in transportation, moving as fast as lightning,
Carrying on salvation activities as ordered with great powers and great endeavors.

The Three Realms are shaken, and the big Earth is tamed under such awesome power,
With three hundred and sixty brothers in retinue, He is full of awe-inspiring virtues.

His twelve Mother Protectresses would break the body and life of Sila-infringers,
With vehemence as well as compassion, just as an angry mother disciplines her child.

In this Kali age the Five Kinds of Pollution are in abundance, and Buddha's sons are like gold among sand,
Just as protecting one's own eyes, You and retinue serve Dharma Master as servants and maids!

Who are those that caused all sorrows in violation of the Great Perfection View?
Tear away devils of Mind, as You should recall the vows that You had made!

Those practitioners that possess the right views and are steadfast in observing the Four Silas of Dharma Nature,
Help them to play with supernatural transformations, as You should recall the vows that You had made!

Devil of Death, Devils of Diseases, Devils of Heavenly Realms and Devils of Sorrows,
Since Buddha sprouts have many hindrances so You should recall the vows that You had made!

Those abiding on cliffs or in caves to practice, or those after years of practice still have not gain attainment,
Help them to develop meritorious virtues, as You should recall the vows that You had made!

Those providing good and wondrous attendance, or those granting supreme pleasures,
May they be induced to Dharma smoothly as You should recall the vows that You had made!

Those opposing Guru Rinpoche's teachings, who slander or become hindrance to Dharma,
Grant rightful benefits to all of them as You should recall the vows that You had made!

To revive Guru Rinpoche's teachings and serve as the refuge for all beings in the Three Realms of Existence,
Such grand intention of mine matches Yours so You should recall the vows that You had made!

Supreme teachings, supreme Yana of fruitful stage, supreme Dharma and supreme guidance,
Grand events and grand holy karmas, so You should recall the vows that You had made!

Those who have heard your solemn vows or those who recites this praise to you,
May Wisdom, Compassion and Power be theirs, as You should recall the vows that You had made!


Supplication to Damchen Dorje Legpa


Capable of sustaining Guru Rinpoche's boundless salvation activities
Compassionate protection continues to benefit all lineage followers
Tantric practices often encounter all sorts of dangers and hindrances
Only relying on Your mighty powers can the path be smooth and even


5. Blessing from Guru Rinpoche's Round-cap


Grace of the Presence of Guru Rinpoche


Round face, round eyes, baby Guru Rinpoche was so alive,
Round hat flew up all by itself, what supernatural power!
Compassion encompassing all beings, want to read news,
All sentient beings being equal, Guru appeared as a puppy!


Supplication to Guru Rinpoche for Round-cap Blessing


Merciful Guru Rinpoche displayed self-rising of his round cap

Asked for newspapers to teach compassion for the delinquent age

Appeared as puppy to show offering to beings amounts to offering to Guru

Benefiting all those with karmic connections, one remembers this teaching constantly

May all receive blessing from Guru Rinpoche to attain Great Perfection soon

Reverently had a round cap duplicated to seek earnestly your special favor

May whoever see or hear about this round cap be blessed as in your holy presence

That their karma dissipated and wisdom and merits grow to the boundless sphere


Guru Lin puts on Guru Rinpoche's round-cap and repeats the Heart Mantra of Guru Rinpoche for one hundred and eight times.


6. Gathas for Regular Supplication and Dedication of Merits for the Dharma Lineage of Adi Buddha Mandala


Supplication to Guru Yutang Lin

Arising from original purity of Dharmadhatu, Vajradhara
Limitless wisdom and compassion, activities of Padmapani
Oneness in harmony emanates an Upasaka’s form.
Please reveal my original face, to you I pray!

(Note: Padmapani is a name for Guan Yin.)


Longevity prayer for Vajra Lotus Buddha

Oh, originally pure yogi you are!
Wonderful conversion through Ewam as the Lotus-born Guru;
The great joy in Sunyata is peerless,
May the Holy Guru live long and abide in this world!


Supplication to Guru Lin for Long Stay in the World and Everlasting Turning of the Dharma Wheel

Tantric teachings of Guru Rinpoche rely on Your Reverence to pass on,
Wisdom lamp of Manjusri rely on Your Reverence to continue shinning,
Marrow of Tang Tantras rely on Your Reverence to reveal and explicate,
Please stay long in this world to benefit all with your salvation activities!


Ever Spreading of the Lineage

Marrow of the Right Dharma passed down from generation to generation,
Succeeding predecessors and leading followers to turn the Dharma Wheel,
Everlasting pure lineage guided by holy Gurus and guarded by Protectors,
A never-ending lamp shining through everywhere to enlighten all beings!


Auspicious Completion



Written in Chinese on April 22, 2008

El Cerrito, California

Translated by disciple Wang Hao on April 25, 2008

Beijing, China