Lights emitted from ocean

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寄件者:  Yutang Lin
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日期:  2014年8月12日 上午10:00
主旨:  FW: Lights emitted from ocean

On August 10 we went to Yi Lan, Taiwan. It was lunar July 15, an important festival for making offerings to all ghosts.

We saved 4 species of marine lives, totaling 84 lives.

We offered 2 large vases to the Dragon King and Queen in the sea area facing the turtle head of the Turtle Mountain islet there.

After the vases went into the ocean, some of us noticed that colorful lights emitted from the spot where the vases went down.

All on board saw the lights, and it lasted for long time, even after our ship left the area.

The vases went down on the side of the ship where there was no sunlight, and there was no other source of light there.

Many photos were taken then of this auspicious phenomena; some are attached for you to see.

Two video clippings have also been uploaded for you to share—please use the links below to see. I noticed that the lights were turning clockwise.


We also went to a local cemetery in Yi Lan to perform Powa service.

We had lunch at Ping Lin and the meal featured dishes using fresh tea leaves as ingredients.

Back in Taipei we also made group offering and supplicated praises to Yidams.

It was a day full of Dharma activities and joy!



May all beings attain Enlightenment soon!




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8/10 台灣宜蘭獻瓶海底放光


影片 link 如下